Acquia Cloud Site Factory 2.49

Release Date

This release of Acquia Cloud Site Factory is scheduled for release on September 27, 2016. It contains the following updates:


  • Ensure that only Platform admins can be site owners
    By default, the person who creates a website becomes the site owner, which can provide the website creator greater authority than may you want. You can now configure Acquia Cloud Site Factory so that for any sites created by a user who does not have the Platform admin role, the Platform admin user you specify will become the site owner. Learn more.


  • The Site Factory REST API List groups method (GET /api/v1/groups) now returns the total number of websites or site collections and the number of live websites or site collections for each group. The values returned do not include websites in subgroups.
  • An Acquia Cloud Site Factory codebase can now more easily be deployed on Acquia Cloud Enterprise. When you next run acsf-init, Acquia Cloud Site Factory adds a new file, acsf.settings.php, which ensures that the same codebase can use appropriate settings on either Acquia Cloud Site Factory or Acquia Cloud Enterprise. The Acquia Cloud Site Factory file should not be modified or moved.
  • The Acquia Cloud Site Factory Connector module can now be moved to a different directory. It is a good practice to keep the module in a consistent place, and it is important not to install the module in more than one location in your codebase.
  • The Acquia Cloud Site Factory Connector module has been updated to versions 8.x-1.31 and 7.x-1.31.

Fixed issues

  • When a site collection was moved to a new site group, users with the Site builder role could not view the site collection, but only its primary website. (DG-15882)
  • A user with the Site builder role who was not the site owner could transfer ownership of a website. (DG-16243)

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