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Posted 07 Feb 2018


Large table sizes can fill database disk volumes, cause downtime, affect data integrity and negatively impact database management tasks. This document will guide you through the steps to identify and troubleshoot large database tables.


At the MySQL prompt, run the following query. You must substitute "exampledb" with your database name. To determine the database name please review Working with databases - Viewing database information.

Posted 25 Jan 2018


Acquia Cloud Drush commands can be confusing when referencing an environment specific database. Luckily, the API infers from your command which environment the database is in.


You might be tempted to add the environment to your database name:

drush @mysitegroup.test ac-database-instance-backup mysitegroupstg

Which will result in an error:

Posted 19 Jan 2018


Personalized slot is not visible in Experience Builder on the following x and y pages.


To identify whether Slot "A" was actually defined for a particular page, perform the following steps:

Posted 19 Jan 2018


We have observed seeing, briefly, the default content being visible on Acquia Lift personalizations before the personalized content appears. Are there other optimization steps we can take to reduce this "flicker" before personalizations load?

Posted 18 Jan 2018


Unable to deploy new code because I'm receiving the following errors:

Posted 11 Jan 2018


Running update.php on Drupal 8 will fail to run in an authenticated session via HTTPS on the Acquia Cloud platform. The error you will see is  In order to run update.php you need to either be logged in as admin or have set $settings['update_free_access'].


There are a few workarounds;

Posted 08 Jan 2018

The following article aggregates information commonly requested by customers who are implementing or verifying vendor compliance documentation, or for customers who have questions about information available for forensics related to security or application issue investigations.

Database Backups

Acquia retains customer accessible database backups on the platform for three days. Customers may implement procedures for systematically downloading and retaining database backups in accordance with specific requirements or strategies.

Posted 05 Jan 2018

There are many issues that can arise when developing a Drupal site and a multitude of different errors that will surface at various points during your development. Quite often simply clearing the drush or composer cache can alleviate or solve an array of different issues.



Posted 04 Jan 2018

When providing updates for your composer based Drupal site, Acquia’s automation runs the composer update --dry-run command to check the validity of your composer.json file. 

If your composer.json file contains links to a private repository you will need to ensure that a token is included in your file to allow the Acquia RA Bot to access this repository. Without this the composer update command will fail and we will be unable to provide you with an automated security update branch. 

Posted 02 Jan 2018

Attempting to access a Solr core URI through a browser, will result in a 404 Not Found response code.


Solr Core URI 404 Response Code

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