Upcoming changes in the Acquia Cloud 1.91 release

We would like to draw your attention to following changes occurring in the 1.91 Acquia Cloud release.

Changes to monitoring of ephemeral storage and site availability

In the 1.91 Acquia Cloud release, Acquia begins automatically alerting on and mitigating situations when a site fills ephemeral disk storage and it becomes critical to site availability.

When these alerts occur, our systems will proactively:

  • Search for and automatically truncate large temporary mail files
  • Search /mnt/tmp and automatically delete any large files or any large number of small files
  • Search for and automatically remove any duplicative log files older than three days

Acquia has historically responded to these alerts and taken these actions manually, which slowed our ability to remediate performance or availability issues for our customers. Changes in the 1.91 release allow Acquia's infrastructure to automatically take action on a few of the more common reasons sites run out of ephemeral storage.

Adding reverse_proxies settings for Drupal 8 acquia_purge module

In the 1.91 Acquia Cloud release, Acquia will share reverse proxy IPs using the $settings[‘reverse_proxies’] environment-specific Drupal 8 configuration as part of the Acquia hosting files. This change is a preliminary step towards using the Drupal 8 version of the Acquia Purge module (currently under development; not yet available) on the Acquia Cloud platform.

Currently, the settings.php file generated when a customer installs Drupal 8 does not contain the $settings[‘reverse_proxies’] config. To avoid this, a work around was suggested for Drupal 8 sites as described on the Acquia Purge project page. This will no longer be required and the project page will soon be updated accordingly.

New Acquia sites enable Varnish caching over SSL by default with the 1.91 release

In the 1.91 Acquia Cloud release, new sites will automatically implement Varnish caching through SSL by default.

This setting change will not be applied to sites created before the 1.91 release. Only sites created after this hosting release will have this setting enabled by default.

Sites created prior to the 1.91 release are able to enable Varnish through SSL on a per site basis. By implementing this setting, traffic over SSL will be automatically cached, resulting in better site availability during high traffic events. You can learn more about the benefits of Varnish caching through SSL in our article, Best practices for a fully SSL-protected site.

If you would like to disable Varnish caching through SSL, you can do so on a per environment basis. See our article, "Using Varnish," for details on how to change this setting through the Acquia Network interface.

If you have any questions about this change, contact Acquia Support by logging in to https://insight.acquia.com and visiting the Acquia Help Center.

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